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Struggling to find time for your health under the mountain of tasks–frustrated by quick fixes that never stick?
That ends now.
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Hey, I'm Sammie!

I’ll be your guide on this transformative wellness journey.  With more than a decade of experience empowering women to achieve their peak physical and mental strength, I am committed to helping you become the best version of yourself. Together, we will craft a customized program that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. This holistic approach includes mindful nutritional choices that complement your workouts, ultimately fostering a sense of vitality and confidence.

Select the path that resonates with you

Executive Lifestyle Coaching

-You're in a leadership role within your organization's fast paced environment and expectations are on performance
-You juggle official responsibilities, excelling professionally, but often at the expense of your physical and mental well-being.
-You're looking to improve energy, performance and cognitive function

Fitness Programming

-You signed up for a marathon, iron man, or similar event and want to prepare with a structured program
-You are frustrated with generic workouts that don't align with your home gym setup or gym membership, leaving you feeling stagnant.
-You are looking for actionable coaching advice for visible improvements to health, bone density, increased muscle mass and reduction in body fat.

Nutrition Programming

-You want more accountability towards your eating habits
-You want to see food as fuel instead of something you have to earn/feel guilty over.
-You want to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass
-You want to experience more energy and spunk throughout your day

Group Coaching

-You're looking for a community of empowering women that will keep you grounded
-You feel isolated in your wellness journey, craving connection with others who understand and share your struggles and aspirations.
-You want accountability towards your overall wellness goals

not sure which plan is for you?

No Worries! Let’s just talk! 

We’ll explore to find the perfect plan that feels right for YOU!

Our Promise

Cookie-cutter coaching programs can’t address the depth of your unique struggles, challenges and goals. You’re one of a kind and your path to success should be too. We promise to provide each client with individualized coaching, custom programming and ongoing support through their entire wellness journey. 

Increase energy

Increase confidence

Take back control

Gain accountability