Set Yourself Free

Set Yourself Free

Lately my mind has been all over the place. I haven’t been able to process much of anything without having another thought pop in, taking me into a downward spiral ultimately leading me nowhere. Complacency kicks in. I become frustrated because the original thought or idea disappears as I entertain the others! What I end up accomplishing is a flurry of activity and nothing meaningful.

I have to take most of the blame, though. I am obsessed with the idea of creating IMPACT with EVERYTHING I do so I try to do it all. I’m sure you can relate as I don’t think there’s anyone out there that walks through life wishing to be mediocre. It’s just frustrating when our actions don’t reflect our intentions.

We listen to podcasts, read blogs, books and have conversations that provide conflicting information. We pray they have the answers we’re looking for and so we try it all and step into this flurry of activity. The information era has been a blessing, giving us answers in the blink of an eye but it’s because we have such great access that we become overwhelmed and desensitized. So what the hell do we do?!

We must pump the brakes! We must tell ourselves that it’s okay not to keep up with the Jones’ for a little bit. We turn the attention inward and take control of the whirlwind. HOW?

A mentor of mine once advised that I do a “Freedom Session.” The intention of a Freedom Session is to remove all mental and physical clutter leaving you with clarity, direction and excitement going into your weekend.

A Freedom Session can be done at any time but I find that it’s most effective at the end of my work week (Friday).

You are to set a timer for 5-10 minutes and use this time to write anything and everything that’s clouding your mind. Dump it all out onto paper. The only rule here is that you can’t stop writing once the timer begins. And don’t worry. You’ll quickly discover that you have plenty of things to put on that sheet of paper to fill the time. I think many of us will surprise ourselves here.

After the dump you take a few moments to review your week. Yes, REFLECTION. What went well and what didn’t? What adjustments can you make for next week to change the result? Then, you set up next week with tasks, goals and areas of focus so that once Monday hits it won’t HIT you too hard.

The next step is to clear your inbox. If you have 576 emails at the end of the day on Friday I can guarantee that at least 60% is trash.

The last step is to remove all the physical clutter from your work space. Trust me, this makes a difference. No one likes to come home to a messy house. No one likes to come into the office to a messy work space. Set the tone for yourself early. Throw out that stack of paper that’s been taking up space for a month. Filter through your desk for things that are just weighing you down, thank them and set them free. (Thank you, Marie Kondo)

When I push through this exercise I always feel much better. This helps me take back the control and place me back into my center.

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