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A 60-day online marketing program designed to accelerate sales using Facebook and Instagram Ads even if you're not 'techy' and don't have a big ad budget!

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How to Grow a Wildly Profitable Business using Ads and Sales funnels


The Exact Facebook & Instagram Ad Strategy Blueprint that Grew 6 Figures in 4 Months


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How to Maximize Profits from Every Dollar Spent on Ads and Multiply your Revenue



Expert Ongoing Coaching with LIVE & Auditing Accountability Included

Access to an Exclusive Facebook Student Community of 100's of others who have Built Lucrative Businesses inside this exact program


​1 on 1 Personalized Coaching Call to Walk Thru the Behind-the-scenes of Your Business & Ensure your Success

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This is what one of my best students, Chelsea had to say...


Using Lorell’s Facebook strategies has changed my whole business. When I first started out in ecomm I invested thousands into learning FB and none of them came close to the results I’ve gotten with the #SocialSalesLab.

Last year I managed to make 6 figures with dropshipping in my first 6 months and I thought that was great. But after Lorell’s mentorship, my sales instantly tripled.

I made more AND spent less! I can’t thank her enough and I recommend any business owner or entrepreneur to not sleep on taking her course ASAP.


I used to be a dreamer JUST LIKE YOU...

When I took this photo, I was:

Now, I make my old monthly paycheck in a week... a few days.. and sometimes even in a single day!!!

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See for me, It feels like just yesterday I was struggling, dreaming and scared to lose false security.

Now here I am home with my kids, teaching other people how to do what I have been doing every single day. It's really mind blowing when you sit and think about how far you've come.

I can imagine you doubting yourself, hesitating, overthinking... But you need to know this... YOU'VE ALREADY GOT IT!

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I did this starting with literally

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If I can do it, that means YOU can, too!

receiving email alerts saying you have a new payment for $998.50 or $2,000 from someone paying to work with you who found you on Facebook…

while you were flying…

or brunching…

or shopping…

That’s what happened to me.

(Yes, that’s my actual account.)

Meanwhile, I was brunching at a rooftop in LA and kicking back with some friends.

That’s what I call a paycation.

Now the question is... are YOU ready?