Meet our Coaches

Just two humans with a passion for enhancing lives and focusing on human behavior

What is our why?

  • Breaking barriers as married, female business owners in an interracial relationship
  • Leading by example and introducing our loved ones to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle
  • Leaving a legacy by inspiring young women to cultivate a curiosity for personal growth while demystifying the toxic diet culture


“Sammie has a tenacious spirit and deep curiosity for human connectedness. As a certified personal trainer with a masters in Community Health & Promotion, her work is centered around coaching women to be the strongest versions of themselves starting from the inside out. She enjoys reading personal development books in which the teachings and practices she brings back to her clients.”


Chrissy has always had a deep passion for helping others. She loves using her sense of humor as a way to connect our community and create a friendly, welcoming environment for everyone. As a nutrition coach with a masters in Kinesiology, she is on a mission to help women reignite their relationship with food and break away from the societal rules surrounding diet and body image. We all deserve to focus on what actually brings you real health and happiness.