Our work goes way beyond simply making you stronger. Our work is based on helping you tap into the strength that is already within you. Not only will you build physical strength but you’ll feel more confident, and learn more about yourself by the end of our program.

We focus on the transformation of the mind first. The body follows. The conversation is shifted from how we look to how we feel.

No! We work with your current setup which can evolve with time. Every goal requires a unique approach.

We are 100% virtual.

This depends on your end goal. Usually a month to month commitment. 

We are so confident in our process that we offer 100% refund if you feel that, together, we haven’t done all in our power to help you succeed. 

Sammie Baker


During on-boarding we discuss what type of movement you enjoy doing and want to do more of, along with the equipment you have access to. We’ll show you how to use an app to access the workouts.

We can incorporate any equipment you have access to for exercise.

Truecoach (mobile app) will be your one stop shop for all your programs, videos and worksheets. 

100% if needed based on scheduling or any additional restrictions.

Progress is determined by qualitative metrics such as attitude, perception and written weekly reflections.

Yes, we encourage clients to share data with us if they feel comfortable.

Do you have Tempo Move or Tempo Studio? This along with other equipment will be discussed during onboarding.